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Developing your project’s messages—the key points that you want your audience(s) to know—is not difficult, but requires practice. Here we offer a few messages from Hartford programs and AARP as examples to help you in your own work identifying your messages.

To learn about creating messages, click here.


An aging population will transform our society and our healthcare systems in the next century. The demographics are clear; our society is aging and becoming more diverse. We have to train more healthcare professionals qualified to meet the needs of older adults. The John A. Hartford Foundation is a committed champion of better health care, training, research, and service systems that ensure the wellbeing and vitality of older adults.

Hartford Geriatric Social Work Initiative (GSWI)
The number of older people, particularly the oldest old (85+), is growing, and they need assistance to remain active and independent. Aging-savvy social workers serve as “navigators” and “expediters,” enabling older adults and families to understand and choose among the bewildering array of available health and social services. The GSWI collaborates with social work education programs to prepare aging-savvy social workers and improve the care and wellbeing of older adults and their families.

Our members care deeply about the world they are leaving for their children and grandchildren… AARP is a multigenerational, diverse organization committed to championing the future of our members—and the future of every generation. We focus on our members' five core needs: the need for health; the need for financial security; the need to contribute or give back to society; the need for community and to stay connected to family, friends, and social networks; and the need to play and enjoy life.

Message Frameworks

Message frameworks are groups of messages that can be used to talk about different aspects of your work. Here are examples of message frameworks from within the Hartford Foundation network. To learn about creating a message framework, click here.

Here are two examples of message frameworks from the Hartford Foundation and its programs:

John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF)
Guided Care

Learn how to create a clear, strong message. Or go beyond basic messaging to develop a message framework to guide your broader communications efforts.
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