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Criteria for Submissions to

The Bandwidth Web site is an interactive learning tool that is designed to be strengthened by its users. We are eager to review and post your work to this site as we believe that most of us learn best by doing, experimenting, and sharing.

Before submitting an image to Bandwidth, there are a few important things to consider. Please note that we may not be able to post all images that are submitted.  Feel free to contact Bandwidth administration at any time for more detailed information if necessary.


Image Types: You are welcome to submit a variety of image types including photos, illustrations, and cartoons.

Clarity: Please make sure that your image is properly lit and clear, not distorted or blurry. 

Consent: If you take an original photo, it is important to get the written consent of the subject.  Click here for a sample consent form.  There is no need to submit this form to Bandwidth but it is important to have it in your files.

Submission: It is easy to send an image or two via e-mail attachment.  If you want to send more than two images we recommend sending via separate e-mails or through a large file transfer Web service such as “You Send” or “”.  If you are unsure about how to attach an image please contact us for detailed instructions. 



Length: The stories that we publish on Bandwidth are typically no more than a few paragraphs in length since they are used for illustration and to strengthen a presentation.  If you have a longer story that you feel has a valuable message we will be happy to review it but do not guarantee posting.     

Attribution: Whether it’s an original story or quote that you wrote, or one you’ve discovered by someone else, it’s critical to have proper attribution. In the case of stories, you must either get permission to use a person’s real name, or change any identifying information. For quotes, please include the author’s name. 



Citation: Data, graphs and tables that are interesting or helpful to users are most appreciated. When submitting these items, please be sure to include proper source citation.

Have fun! This is a great opportunity to stretch your creative legs while learning to enhance your professional communications.  We look forward to seeing the results of your efforts! 
Note: All submissions subject to approval by the administrators of


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