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Moving from this guiding philosophy of the Hartford Foundation, we have created Bandwidth, the online communications resource for Hartford Foundation grantees, to help grantees communicate their “best contributions.” The site is meant to inspire grantees to reflect a sense of enthusiasm and energy around topics that many in the general public feel are negative or uninteresting. The resources included on the site are tailored to meet the needs of social workers, nurses, and geriatricians specifically.

Bandwidth provides one-stop-shopping for current data on the state of our aging society today, good quality photographs that lend themselves to the messages of health and aging, stories that are relevant to geriatrics and aging research, and communications resources that are easy to use. It is hoped that, over time, these high quality, professionally-formatted resources will be infused into grantees’ full range of communications activities.

The site was created with the help of an advisory group made up of representatives of major Foundation grantees, as well as photographers, graphic designers, and other communications experts. This group will review the site periodically to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of grantees.

Nevertheless, the long-term success of Bandwidth is dependent upon grantee contributions. We need your help. Please share your ideas about the site, helpful resources, and samples of your communications efforts. We look forward to hearing from you!

Primary Contact:
John Beilenson, Strategic Communications & Planning



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